Friday 23rd October is ‘Wear it Pink’ (click) Day at Limehouse Day Nursery and all children and staff are invited to wear pink, to show support for this worthy cause. Some of us may decide to go pink from head to toe, while others may just add a touch of pink. The children will be making and creating with pink Play-Doh. They will be hiding things inside their pink Play-Doh models, predicting what is inside pink Play-Doh models made by other children and discovering the hidden treasures for themselves.

Limehouse Day Nursery will be CLOSED on Friday 30th October for Staff Training Day.

Wednesday 16th December is Limehouse Day Nursery Children’s Christmas Party and Christmas Dinner. All Children and Staff are invited to wear party outfits which will be complemented by the wonderful festive party hats and decorations they will be making.

Christmas/New Year Break

Limehouse Day Nursery will be CLOSED on Thursday 24th December

Limehouse Day Nursery will REOPEN on Monday 4th January

A Story Teller will be visiting Limehouse Day Nursery in January 2016, to tell our children marvellous bespoke stories about Limehouse, the place and people.

Older News

Limehouse Festival 2015 on Sunday 5th July at Ropemakers Fields was a phenomenal success and great fun for all. The Limehouse Day Nursery stall was extremely popular with children of all ages. There were two sensational activities on offer:

Making a Jar of Jelly Soap by scooping luscious dollops of wibbly wobbly Jelly Soap in all the colours of the rainbow with fragrances to match, into jars.

In case any of you are still wondering the secret fragrances were: Red – Rose, Orange – Orange Blossom, Yellow – Lemon Zest, Green – Peppermint, Blue – Lavender & Violet- Parma Violet.

The Jelly Soap was made using agar, so both vegetarian and halal.

For our own special recipe see later.

Decorating Cupcakes by spreading rainbow colours of Royal Icing on chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and sprinkling with a spectrum of icing decorations and sweets.

Shakila, Salima and Sue, staff from Limehouse Day Nursery and Monica, a volunteer who used to attend Limehouse Day Nursery made the activities so much fun for all the children by demonstrating skills, helping little hands, telling rhymes and singing songs with a rainbow theme. The stall looked and smelled wonderful and the girls managed to keep it neat and sticky-free – most of the time!

To Make Soap Jelly

Gelatine and the vegetarian alternative Vege-Gel are available in supermarkets in small boxes usually containing 3 sachets. Each sachet sets a pint of liquid when used to make food. To make Jelly Soap use double the amount of Gelatine or Vege-Gel, 2 sachets/pint of liquid. 1 pint = 570 ml

2 sachets Gelatine or Vege-Gel

320 ml water

250 ml clear liquid soap

2 Tablespoons vodka (optional)


In a clean saucepan mix 2 sachets Gelatine into 320 ml cold water

Heat stirring frequently until dissolved DO NOT BOIL.


In a clean saucepan mix 2 sachets Vege-Gel into 320 ml cold water

Bring to the boil stirring frequently.


Add 250 ml liquid soap stirring gently.

Add 2 Tablespoons vodka (acts as preservative) if desired, stirring gently.

Divide into batches for different colours.

To each batch add a few drops of food colouring and stir gently.

Fragrances can be added if desired.

Pour into containers to cool and set (about 2 hours).

Simply scoop different colours of Jelly Soap into a Jar.

The Jelly Soap can be set in silicone moulds to make attractive shapes.

A small plastic toy can be placed in the Jelly Soap just before it sets to encourage grubby little fingers to find it.

The Jelly Soap with vodka added will keep for at least 3 weeks, longer if kept refrigerated.

Hours of good clean fun Making Jelly Soap and Washing with Jelly Soap in a basin, bath or shower.


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